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Experience Level 45 in MapleStory

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If you started with Ice and are hybridizing, continue training on fire boars and Jr. Kitties until you raise lightning to level 15 at around experience level 45, assuming you are becoming a hybrid. Then use the same advice as above, for the Retz in Helios tower. Being a hybrid is strongly advised, as working the Retz will let you level as fast, or faster, than any other class for now.

30000exp(maple story mesos) in 10 minutes.  But that is only if you win and you get rank A. If you are a lit mage, you can do Retz too, because you are not much help in carnival for the person who keeps changing this, when you have only got lightning bolt. Maple coins are wanted, they are found rarely by monsters in the carnival party quest.

You can get an Arc Staff-Level 45 staff with 20 coins, Cromi-Level 48 wand with 20 coins, or even the famous Speigelmann's necklace, gives +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 INT, and +1 LUK with 50 coins from Spiegelmann. Robos are really annoying, because they are strong against ice. Tell some other people like bandits to kill robos. If you just do not want to see them, try going into room 1 or 2. You will not see them unless someone summons them.

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