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A Guide of Jade Dynasty Bosses

Dear Players , welcome to MMO fisher !

Here I collect a guide for the bosses in Jade Dynasty , if you are interested in you can read the following description :

1. Gilhook Or the SheMale fish
lvl 81- ch3- Doom Bog -> Wasted ruins
He is nasty, not because of the dmg he outputs but because he burns your mana away in the process too.
Spirit drain , Weakness , Bleed and Slow are the spells he will welcome you with along with 'I am really mad' smack talk in Jade Dynasty Gold

2. Li Ganis - The angry lady
Lvl 81- ch 4- Doom Bog- Inner marsh (-152; 144)
DmG : lowest in her class. She is most likely the most kill friendly boss. Her dmg is maybe.. around 300 (+200 bleed)
Spells : Chaotic curse
Bleed : -200

3. Corsair Captain
lvl 65; Realm: 2, Surging Shockade 11; -226 (inside the village)
Time of spawn: ~3:30 am ST, 19:30 ST.
Spells : breached (armor debuff) , stun , paralyze
Damage : 177-240-177= ~500 dmg overall (to a vim lvl 70 with +5 armor)
XP given : 10k for lvl 70
Drops : Celestial RX : Silverlate Plate + 212 HP, Bloodtide fangclaw (crit bonus striike: 50%), Jadeon weapon (2% crit rate) Skysong armor RX (+212HP) (to be update more in future)
As you fight him he will try to obtain a bargain with you.

4. Sanguinary Minister
lvl 50, channel 5, Temple of Afterglow around : -248; 317
Spells: Paralysis
Recover health
Xp: -(to be updated)

Do you know where bosses can spawn in Jade Dynasty Gold , read the following description by Spiratus , he will display you the mob / boss spawn and also about the drops .

The mob with big red dot on the map is a threat to you , it will kill you in one hit. World bosses that system announces about are the ones you can try to solo. You can have a chance to solo them if you try the area that is one grade back. For example if you're in Billows, don't even try to kill Pirate Captain alone. You may have some chance with Jadeon or Skysong bosses. But if they are grey , you won't get anything to drop from them.

So you should wait for announcements. They usually indicate which realm and what location those bosses are at. All you have to do is find which map that location is on and go there. You will most likely have some competition because those bosses spawn in 1 max 2 realms at once and there is always appropriate announcement.

The only good things they drop are fancy recipes, rings and necklaces . You need necklace with Dmg + 6, it won't help you much if you already deal 500 dmg. It's possible that they are upgradeable .

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Thanks for reading and have a good time !

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