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Aika:Bonus providing!

10M+10%bonus isonly 30.08 USD and 100M+10%bonus is 299.29 USD.There is also small amount for sale:5M=15.08USD,2M=6.04USD.You can view more information Here


Promotion on register closed,thank you for support!

The current discount rate: Top-VIP 3000 6% 18% VIP-A 1500 5% 13% VIP-B 800 4% 9% VIP-C 300 3% 6% Average Registered Customer 1% 3% HERE


Aion:Server Merged.Price Replaced

You can check the current price HERE,and look for what you need.


EU Maple:Price reduction promotion

You can experience this service at averycompetitiveprice now:100 000 000 mesos=7.64EUR2 000 000 000 mesos=152.6EURTRY NOW


Martial Empires :Eye-widening launch!

Stock is enough and the delivery will be arraged in 20 mins after the orderconfirmed.Regular price :9.95USD/100kLive Support.Try Now


2moons:restock notice,10mins delivery

efforts, goldicq.com 2moons team got restocked .Meanwhile,ourdils amountkeeps ahead over this market,delivery will be arraged in 10 mins.Enough +9 items on sale as well.Click HERE to check price


Shaiya items on sale!

20 Wise Lapis Lv5 are only 7.85USD,Shrewd Lapis Lv6 is only9.85USD,Goddess hermit walker is58.65USD,blaze-burn lapis Lv2is 117.25USDHere to see if there is any item you need.


Mabinogi:Windmill Skills providing

Windmill Skills service is sorted as B-A,C-B,D-C,E-D,F-E,and totally F-A is also providing.If you are interested in this service ,please feel free toask for more details from our Live Support


BOI:Latest updated price touches the baseline



Ragnarok:Delivery time limit for Ymir Game Card

for sale,enough stock.View more information


9261 ...‹‹90919293››
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