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Tarpon and Snook details in Atlantica

Tarpon and Snook details in Atlantica are as follows and you can get the cheapest  Atlantica

Tarpon has silvery scales, heavy body and elongated ray on it's dorsal fin. Their average is approximately of 45.4kg to 161kg (100-355 pounds) but this weight can vary of female tarpon to male tarpon. They feed of shrimp, craps, squids and other small fishes of the zone. You'll find the Tarpon Fish in the Atlantic zone near of the fishing lodge "Hotel el Velero Lodge" during all the year. The Tarpon Fishing in this zone is very important for the economy and for the tourism because there is Fishing Tour for this region.

Snook Fish has a range approximately of 35cm to 140cm (14in to 4ft 7in) with a weight of 2.2-57 lb (1.0-26). The most secure Atlantica Online Gold is offered in our website. It has a highly prize on the Costa Rica Sportfishing for these reasons:
1. Snook Fish is an intelligent fish but you need a knack with the bait to joking them.
2. When they are cooked they have a good taste and the tourists like the Snook recipes.

You'll find them on the salt and fresh waters for example in the entire Atlantic zone on the Tortuguero Channel, Atlantica Online Gold Parismina Beach or in other beaches and fishing zones into Costa Rica during the months of March to the end of November. Thanks for reading and have a good time!

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